Instagram marketing course online

Instagram – Basic Course

This course is divided in three parts:

  • Instagram basics
  • Marketing & business

Based on your needs and priorities, you can navigate in the course and watch each module independantly, without completing the previous module.

Each module will be updated based on instagram evolution. Subscribing to this course will grant you a lifetime and illimited access to every module of this course. When a major update is done on a module, you will receive an e-mail to be informed about the changes.

At any time, you can contact us if you feel that a module should be developed, or if you need more information on a specific topic. The aim of this course is to be as complete as possible.

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Section 1Instagram Basics
Lecture 1Your Instagram account
Lecture 2Name, Profile picture & Bio
Lecture 3How to create a strong brand
Lecture 4Marketing influencer
Lecture 5Content ideas
Lecture 6How to sell the dream
Lecture 7Tips & Tricks
Section 2Instagram Marketing & Business
Lecture 8Instagram VS Failure
Lecture 9Sales Funnel
Lecture 10Persona
Lecture 11Content curation
Lecture 12Competitor benchmark
Lecture 13Influence Marketing
Lecture 14Best practices
Lecture 15Content ideas that sells