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Published on 2022/01/30 | DLast modification: 2022/02/04

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User reshared your post to their Instagram story

Instagram released its story feature, which allows you to post a temporary story that will disappear after 24 hours, in August of 2016 — which explains why it feels like it’s been around forever.

Not only do stories offer alternative ways to share content other than a typical post, but they also help to increase your Instagram engagement. One sure way to know if your post was a success is if users reshare your post to their Instagram stories.

Chances are that if you see that someone shared your post in your insights, you want to know who that person was.

“Reshare” means to repost someone else’s content.

That being said, it is important to credit the creator if you decide to reuse their posts. For example, if a user screenshots someone else’s content and posts it directly on their story, the owner will not be notified, and therefore not credited.

The only way to tell if a user reshared your post to their Instagram story is by using the in-app post sharing feature.

If all that seems a little confusing to you, don’t worry. We’re here to show you exactly how to see who shared your posts to their Instagram stories, with this step-by-step guide, below.

  1. Go to your profile and click on the post you are interested in.
  2. Next, click ‘View Insights’ on your Instagram post. If your post was reshared, there will be a number directly underneath the arrow icon.
  3. This will tell you exactly how many people reshared your post.
  4. Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post.
  5. There will be an option to ‘View Story Reshares,’ click on it. Note: This option will only appear if your post was reshared at least once.
  6. It will bring you to a page titled ‘Current Public Reshares’ where you can see exactly how many people reshared your Instagram post to their stories.
  7. To see who shared the post, click on a reshared story in the grid, and it will take you directly to the user’s story.
  8. From there, you can see the username and click on the account.

The short answer, my friends, is a little thing called engagement. In order to increase Instagram engagement, and therefore increase your Instagram followers, there are a few things you can do to make your posts and stories more appealing.

Users like to see posts with high-quality images that feature no other than yourself! Yep. That’s right, users are more likely to engage with a post if it is of you. Another way to increase engagement is through your Instagram stories.

Now, there are a few ways of doing so — you can collaborate with brands, post polls, prompts, and stickers, or create a series referred to as “episodic stories.” Episodic stories are Instagram stories that are essentially like your favorite television series. A new episode will be uploaded on a set schedule of dates.

For example, it can be one per week or even one per month. This way, users will keep coming back for more.

Instagram constantly changes its guidelines, policies, and features, so it’s important to stay up to date. If you didn’t know this Instagram feature existed before today, don’t fret — now you can see exactly who is sharing your posts and what kind of posts are receiving the most engagement.

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