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Learn how to make the most of Instagram to develop your business, grow your community & generate revenue. More than a course: An all-in-one training programm evolving week after week. Enroll the ultimate Instagram program:

What to expect ?

Strategies, marketing technics & best practice to be successful on Instagram

This course is divided into independant parts and covers all the necessary aspects to grow on instagram: Tips & tricks, Managing Ads, benchmark, audiene growth and monetization, and much more !

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In addition to one of the most complete Instagram online course, enrolling in this programm will give you access to additional lifetime benefits & advantages !


The Instagram community is wide and very active. We aim to provide the most up-to-date content possible, which is why we will constantly add content in our course.


On a regular basis, we will send you a newsletter to keep you posted on what’s new: A new topic in our course, a new piece of content, a new feature on instagram and much more.


Content curation is key if we want to give you the most valuable content. Surfing on the web, we will gather the best content and will publish it on our blog: Everything you need in one place !


You may need tools, icons, filters, canvas, templates and much more for your Instagram activity. Subscribing to our course will grant you access to our ressource library for free. New ressources for new ideas !

Choose your plan

Instagram is continuously evolving, so does our online course. Once you have bought a course package, it will keep on evolving following Instagram evolution. The course will always be updated and you will receive a notification when it’s the case.



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  • 25 modules (10 exclusive)
  • IPL Certification
  • Newsletters (2x / month)
  • Full access to ressources & tools
  • Eclusive blog articles
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  • 15 modules
  • Newsletters (1x / quarter)
  • 1 exclusive blog article
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Payment is done via Stripe which accepts the standard credit card (AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD) but also specific payment method of your country. Paypal payment is also an option on demand, contact us to receive a payment link and your access to the course.

Why would you need a course for Instagram ?

Using Instagram everyday does not make you an expert. 

What do you need ?

Business on Instagram involves a basic knowledge in various fields: marketing, psychology, strategy, story telling; as well as a set of technical skills. Having a good idea or a “creative talent” is not enough.

If you want to be the best, you have to learn, to test, to fail … and in the end you will suceed… Or you can skip some steps !


Success is always a question of hardwork. Without investing time and efforts in your Instagram activities, you may not get as far as you would like.


it’s not a matter of quantity, it’s a matter of quality. Learn how to structure your work, how to organize your time: More results for less efforts.


The best practice, the proper tools, the more impactfull ideas … Make the most of it and reach your goals faster than you can imagine.

About the creator

I’m Jean-David B.  I spent le last 10 years working in the Digital Marketing field in various type of industries, from start-ups to multinational companies. With 30+ certifications in SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Marketing and other digital related fields, I like to share my knowledge and experience with people.

About the concept

Your time is precious. You may not have the time to search for news, to scroll indefinitely on blogs, to read 10 times the exact same things, to read 5 paragraphs full of ads just to find one interesting information … just because bloggers need a lot of text for SEO purpose …

What if you could find everything in one place ? What if someone could do all the “dirty work” for you and give you access directly to what you need, and only what you need ?
This is what I wanted to achieve with InstaProLearners: You subscribe to a course and you get all the news / updates / hacks / ressources every month. I digg the web, I filter, I sum up and I give you only the best of the best, the most accurate. So … What is the value of your time ? 


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Is this course right for me ?

This course is for any individual or business who are new (or beginer) to Instagram and hope to achieve their goals on Instagram: visibility, engagement or revenue.

What if there are updates on Instagram?

We are aware that updates might come. This course will be updated accordingly in order be as relevant as possible. You get a lifetime access to this content.

When does the course starts and finishes?

It is a self-paced online course, you can start anytime of your choice and finish anytime. You will also get notifications via newsletter when there is something new.

How much sales can I make with course?

It is our responsibility to provide you with strategies for Instagram marketing, but it is your responsibility to make it work. No guarantees here, results are different based on hard work put in.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

We love to provide quality and would never want you to be unhappy, if you have any issues with the course get back to us and we will try to adapt our course accordingly, based on our learners’ needs.

What if I have questions or feedbacks?

We have provision for questions in the members area, you can ask questions and we will answer as fast as possible and give our best to find the answers you need. The FAQ or courses will be updated accordingly. 

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