The top 7 Instagram trends not to miss in 2022

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Published on 2022/01/30 | DLast modification: 2022/02/01

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Top trends on Instagram in 2022

One of the most important and cost-effective ways to grow your business is social media marketing, particularly Instagram.

As it focuses on images more than words, Instagram is ideal for showing off your beautiful creations and highlighting your special offers.

And while it’s not as massive as Facebook, Instagram is still a major player in social media, with about a billion active monthly users.

So, of course, it makes sense to include Instagram in any social media marketing plans for the new year. To help you decide exactly how to incorporate Instagram into your marketing strategy, we’re sharing seven of the top Instagram trends for 2022.

More Shopping Options

Ecommerce is the critical focus for Instagram right now. Specifically, the company is working out how to make ALL posts shoppable. You’ll see far more shopping options tested in the new year, including advanced product search by image, product discovery panels in the main feed, and a big push on live shopping.

Instagram Shops and Drops

With the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping exploded — and social media shopping increased by 43% last year. This very much includes shopping on Instagram: Nearly half of the people Instagram surveyed said they use it to shop weekly. To keep this going, Instagram is focusing not just on its Shops feature but also on a new feature called Drops. Instagram Drops make it easy for businesses to build anticipation for upcoming product launches right in the app.

Livestream Shopping

In addition to Instagram Shops, livestream shopping is a significant focus in the coming year. While this has already been happening, it will ramp up even more. Salespeople or influencers will start a livestream to talk about a specific product, which they can pin to the bottom of the live broadcast. Customers can then click on that pin and go straight to the Instagram shop to purchase and check out.

Links to AR (Augmented Reality)

If you were on any news channel or site this year, you saw the “Facebook Files” exposé, which revealed how much the company was aware of the negative impacts its apps can have. It remains to be seen how Facebook will respond to this; however, they will likely be working on ways to make it easier for users to get rid of content they don’t want to see on their feeds. For example, they can provide a simple option to switch off algorithms that send constant negative or damaging content to a user’s feed. In this way, Facebook will give users more control over what they want to see when they log in.

Focus on Reels and Stories

Instagram Reels and Stories are becoming far more popular than straight image or video feeds. Because of this, Instagram will be giving users the option to open the app to their latest Stories or Reels instead of the traditional image/video feed. Users would still be able to post images, but they’d be featured on Stories and would remain on their profile instead of disappearing after a certain amount of time. Traditional static posts will still be available, but only for ecommerce.

Lead Generation

Instagram has been a highly successful way for businesses to generate leads, and this will continue and expand into the new year, mainly through automation. Many different automation apps can be used on Instagram, the most popular being ManyChat. These apps allow you to set up personalized conversations in Instagram’s Direct Messaging feature and automatically capture each person’s information.

Short-form Videos

Videos that last from a few seconds up to a minute, aka short-form videos, now dominate social media (thanks to TikTok and Snapchat). Instagram created Reels to keep up with this trend, and as we’ve mentioned, Reels are now the most popular way for users to interact on the platform. And now, businesses can post ads in their Reels that are immediately shoppable, which will make it easier to increase sales straight from the app.

How to Use These Instagram Trends in Your Marketing

Here are a few ways you can immediately start incorporating these 2022 Instagram trends into your marketing strategy:

  1. Set up an Instagram Shop if you’ve not already got one. Then make sure you’re tagging arrangements in your Reels, Stories, and posts, so customers can click on them and go straight to your shop to purchase.
  2. Use Instagram Drops to announce an upcoming workshop, sale, or any other live event. With this feature, customers can set a reminder to get notified on the day of the event or sale. This is a great way to build excitement in advance.
  3. Try out Livestream Shopping on Instagram. Start with something simple, like doing a live video of the newest  selections in your shop. Or perhaps you’ll want to go a bit more all-in with a regular “arrangement of the month” livestream, where customers can purchase the arrangement right then and there.
  4. Get creative with Instagram Reels. Show some behind-the-scenes arranging, share videos of customers receiving their product, or do a quick video explaining how to care for it.
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