Top Instagram Marketing Trends for 2022

Published on 2022/01/29 |

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Best instagram marketing trends for 2022

Half of the population spends hours on social networks every day, and Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites. With over one billion users and 90% of them following at least one business account, no marketer can afford to ignore the latest social media marketing trends.

Keeping track of what’s hot and what’s not offers a great way to make the best of a company’s Instagram presence while also giving your potential customers what they want. Here are some of the key trends that will help you develop an effective marketing strategy for your business and get your followers excited and engaged.

Performing specific actions on Instagram automatically is becoming more and more popular, so it’s safe to say it’ll be the most significant trend of 2022. Using tools like Jarvee, Social Sensei, and Instamber allows marketers to emulate human behavior. Note that you need protection to make the most of these tools, so look into Instamber proxies to ensure you stay under the radar.

Automation tools can make your Instagram account take care of itself while you focus on other things. You can schedule all sorts of tasks, from posting, comments, DMs, likes, and follows/unfollows. Bots can look for users in a specific niche and engage with them in an authentic way by leaving genuine comments or liking their content. It’s a fantastic way to grow your following organically while saving time!

No one knows how to drive the conversation and create a community quite like Instagram, thanks to their fun emoji reactions and interactive story stickers. The platform knows it, so it’s definitely one of the advantages they won’t compromise in 2022.

For the next 12 months, we’d say their stickers that drive engagement will likely enter the reels chat. On top of that, comment replies will probably get more engaging. Instagram has switched from a photo-sharing site to a true communication channel a while ago. Get ready to create content if you’re looking to make it big in 2022. The more dynamic and engaging it is – the better!

There was a time when an influencer could promote a brand without sharing the fact that they got paid for it. The social network users started calling them out and leaving comments about this misleading practice. Influencer marketing is still growing, especially on Instagram. Not all of them, though – relatable influencers are the next big thing.

A relatable influencer doesn’t have a fairytale life, so they share both the authentic side of their life as well as the glitz and glamour, so people find them significantly more trustworthy. If you’re looking to collaborate with a relatable influencer, look for people with smaller followings. The fact that they don’t have impressive numbers means their following trusts them more than your regular Instagram superstar.

Everyone wants their marketing strategy to succeed, and Instagram polls will have a massive impact on this in 2022. Even if you’ve never used polls before or if they’re not really doing great for you at the moment, it’s time to put them to work and take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Uploading photos and creating multiple options to ask people what they prefer is a fantastic engagement tactic, and it only takes seconds to set up! You can even make polls a part of a contest to ensure they reach more people. Get creative and you’ll soon realize there’s a lot more to using polls on Instagram than you thought.

Using stories as a storefront is a growing trend, turning Instagram into an e-commerce platform, so it’s crucial for businesses to master these capabilities as soon as possible. The goal here is to capture the attention of your viewers in real-time and show them your product before they leave your stories.

Don’t hesitate to utilize this functionality in your feed, too. You’ll get valuable information on what works best and use it to optimize your strategy even further, leading to more sales and better brand recognition.

Instagram offers an excellent platform for direct communication with followers and can help increase your brand’s presence and development. This simple fact will not change in 2022, especially since the platform is evolving to meet the needs of businesses. Automation is definitely the next big thing, so remember to stay safe while setting up your Instagram bot. If you need reliable proxies for your automation solution.


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